Help Send The Sharks To UF Summer Swim Camp

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They swim in the rain and the cold! Not in the lightning though!!!

The Putnam Sharks have the opportunity to be part of a summer camp with olympic gold medalist Gemma Spofforth and fellow UF Swimming Athletes this summer season. It is an intensive week long camp to train in and out of the water. The focus will be on strenghtening their knowledge and abilities with a focus on team building. They will also learn correct eating choices for training, and how to perfect their form in each stroke.

The swimmers range from ages 5-18 both male and female. They practice 3 nights a week during the school season, and up to 5 times during summer.

During the summer months, they train as early as 6:30 am, while their friends are at home sleeping in during their vacations. They sacrifice play time on weekends in order to attend clinics to perfect their strokes and spend winter months out of the pool conditioning on land to keep their bodies in shape.


Coach Rick pumping the girls up before a event

They are not forced to attend and they do not complain (well except a little when it is cold!)

Each of our swimmers do this all because of his or her passion for a sport they love and close frendships they develop with their fellow swim buddies. A swim team is truely a swim family.

As a team they are a family. They care for one another outside of practice and cheer them on in the water.


Just some of our Shark swimmers with their metals from champs last year.

The cost for the entire team to attend this camp would be close to 20K. We are hoping to raise at least half to help parents out and to allow those children to learn from someone who has been able to succeed with the sport while balancing the rigors of daily life. Gemma and her fellow camp counselors are individuals who can give them the advice and wisdom that will help during the intense training required of swimmers.

Many of these children are working to obtain swim scholorships for college. Lets get these kids a huge push with learning from Gemma and the other counselors.

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